• Gigabit switches for reliable remote office or fast file transfers between Speaker Ready room and presentation/breakout room laptops
  • Ruckus enterprise level wireless Access Points, with DHCP server and Zone Director for 1,000+ delegates

Wireless networking is almost ubiquitous these days, and in the comfort zone of your own office, network printing is simple isn’t it. So when you and your team take your laptops out to an hotel or conference centre and rent a network printer, it should be just as simple. Well actually it isn’t. Because the wireless networks in most venues are set up to prevent guests and conference delegates from seeing each other’s data, they also block access to shared printers. The solution is to set up a separate private network for Internet access and printing, which is something that HTS do all the time – all you need to do is ensure that administrator privileges are enabled on your company laptops, so that the necessary printer drivers can be installed.

On a grander scale, if you have hundreds of delegates requiring Internet access for their laptops, tablets and smartphones, the venue’s network cannot always cope. For occasions such as this, we can install a stand-alone wireless network, using enterprise level equipment, that gives everyone unlimited access. We have carried out temporary installations for up to 1,000 delegates recently in venues as diverse as the Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square, the entire event space at Wembley Stadium and six floors of Heron Tower in the City of London.