• Fully customisable, remote cloud based system with integrated live video feeds via Ustream. Content can be sent to “normal” LCD or LED screens on Unicol floor stands, or the latest 55” totems

We are all familiar with digital signage screens being used for arrivals and departures in train stations or airports, but the technology becomes much more interactive when integrated into conferences, exhibitions or events.

The abilities of the latest cloud based software as employed by HTS, combined with high resolution LED screens or 55” totems, means that not only agendas and content can be updated and synced with meeting schedules, but time and weather information can be displayed, along with messaging and news tickers, venue maps, and even live video feeds or audio announcements. All of which can be controlled on site or from a remote location, with every screen having individual content tailored to its location.

Once you have used digital signage at your events, you will wonder how you ever got by using those time-honoured old pop-up stands or printed signs.